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Z.1 Statistical Release - last released Thursday, March 7, 2024

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Enhanced Financial Accounts projects updated

The most recent data are available online at The following projects have been updated with the most recently available data: Issuer-to-Holder (From-Whom-To-Whom) Data; Distributional Financial Accounts; Household Debt by State, County, and MSA; Section 529 College Plans by State; Depository Institutions: Consolidated Balance Sheet; Depository Institutions: Off-Balance-Sheet Items; Depository Institutions: Mortgage and Consumer Loan Portfolios by Probability of Default; Hedge Funds; Money Market Mutual Funds: Investment Holdings Detail by Month; Funding Agreement-Backed Securities (FABS); Equity Issuance and Retirement; Syndicated Loan Portfolios of Financial Institutions; International Portfolio Investment Holdings of Long-term Securities by Country.

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