Dealing with Problem Banks Seminar

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Type of Participant Targeted
The Dealing with Problem Banks Seminar is designed for participants who are familiar with leading examinations of banks and have five or more years of supervision and regulation experience. The curriculum provides an overview of how to supervise a bank from the point when problems emerge through the final resolution of the institution. The seminar introduces the following topics: (1) identifying banking deficiencies and understanding their root causes; (2) evaluating appropriate enforcement actions; (3) determining compliance with enforcement actions; and (4) evaluating resolution strategies. These concepts will be reinforced using practical case study work in each of these areas.

This seminar does not have a pre-course assignment.

Course Overview
This four-day seminar is an interactive workshop that includes lectures, discussion sessions, and small-group case-study work to provide participants with an overview of how to deal with problem banks. Lectures will address the identification of banking deficiencies and understanding the root causes of the problems, how to determine an appropriate enforcement action to remedy bank problems, determining compliance with any supervisory enforcement action, and potential resolution strategies for the bank. The seminar will reinforce these concepts through participant discussions and the use of small-group case-study work based on the application of a "real world" actual problem bank scenario.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this four-day seminar, the participant will be able to

  • Recognize emerging problems that could lead to a problem bank situation and understand the root cause of the identified problems
  • Understand potential enforcement actions that may be taken to correct the problems
  • Determine how to assess a bank's compliance with any supervisory enforcement actions taken
  • Understand potential resolution strategies for dealing with problem banks
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Last Update: March 07, 2019