Effective Communication for Financial Institution Supervisors

Federal Reserve System Courses

Type of Participant Targeted
This seminar is intended for all bank supervisors who work in team situations, lead bank examinations, or manage projects while also making presentations to the management of their supervisory entity and/or their supervised financial institutions.

Course Overview
This seminar will provide participants with an overview of important topics in "soft skills" training, including interpersonal skills, team dynamics, the value of divergent views, micro-aggressions, and questioning techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to practice presentation and communication skills, receive coaching on these skills, and provide constructive criticism to peers. The seminar will also focus specifically on conducting effective meetings and encouraging collaboration in a bank examination setting. The instructor team for this seminar will be composed of instructors who possess soft skills expertise and practical bank examination experience.

Course Objectives
After completing this four-day course, the participant will, at a minimum, be able to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Identify and demonstrate communication skills that maximize meeting effectiveness.
  • Understand different communication styles and how they impact team dynamics.
  • Understand the latest topics in the study of corporate "soft skills," including micro aggressions and the role of divergent views.
  • Conduct meetings with management involving adverse examination findings and difficult situations while demonstrating an ability to effectively handle conflict or confrontation.
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Last Update: March 07, 2019