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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Directors of Federal Reserve
Banks and Branches

Under the Federal Reserve Act, each of the twelve Reserve Banks is separately incorporated with its own board of directors. In each Reserve District, commercial banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System own the stock of their District's Reserve Bank and elect the majority of the Reserve Bank's board of directors; the remainder of the directors are appointed by the Federal Reserve Board.

Sectors Represented by Directors

Sector Directors
Banking 71
Public Representation Categoriesą
   Agriculture & Food Processing 14
      Energy, Mining, & Extraction 10
      Manufacturing 25
      Pharmaceuticals 1
      Publishing 0
      Real Estate & Construction 8
      Utilities 9
      Wholesale & Retail Trade 18
      Accounting 0
      Architecture 0
      Education 10
      Engineering 1
      Financial Services (non-banking) 11
      Health Care Delivery 12
      Information Technology 9
      Insurance 4
      Law 3
      Media, Marketing & Public Relations 0
      Nonprofit/Business Groups 4
      Real Estate Brokerage 2
      Services - Miscellaneous 18
      Telecommunications 1
      Transportation 11
   Labor 7
   Consumer/Community 22
Vacancies 3
Total 274

1. The Federal Reserve Act requires that Class B and Class C directors shall be selected to represent the public "with due but not exclusive consideration to the interests of agriculture, commerce, industry, services, labor and consumers." 12 U.S.C. § 302.

Last update: November 21, 2016