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Quarterly Price Index Tables

Technical Notes

The quarterly price indexes are constructed by benchmarking quarterly indicators of prices to annual price indexes that are based on more comprehensive information.

The quarterly indicators are matched-model Fisher chain aggregations of unit values for detailed product categories. The data come from private vendors including Dell'Oro, Synergy, and Gartner. These consultancies construct revenue estimates by product for each of the major companies in the market for those products. In most cases, the unit values used in the construction of the price indexes are the ratio of revenues to the number of devices shipped. In a few cases, revenue is divided by a measure of output that reflects the capability of the devices being shipped; for example, for service provider routers, which can have multiple ports, the output measure is the overall number of ports shipped.

These quarterly indicators are benchmarked to annual benchmark prices that incorporate additional price information for the product class from other sources if available.

The annual benchmark price indexes cover the entire output of specific industries (as defined by the North American Industry Classification System). To do so, they account for the prices of the secondary products and miscellaneous receipts of each industry.

The weights used to aggregate component product price series are based on production figures from Census reports, including data from the Current Industrial Report for the industry (discontinued after 2011), the Annual Survey of Manufactures, and the Economic Census.

Product descriptions and comments

  • Data networking equipment: Equipment used to manage data traffic in local area networks (LANs), in wider networks (such as telecommunication service provider networks) and in storage area networks. The indicator data cover ethernet switches, routers, SAN switches, and wireless LAN equipment.
  • Enterprise and home voice equipment: Enterprise voice equipment, such as PBX/KTS equipment, including newer generation IP-based equipment; home voice equipment such as ordinary corded and cordless phones and answering machines, but not cell phones. The indicator data cover enterprise voice network equipment (PBX systems, including phones), but do not cover consumer terminals.
  • Transmission, local loop, and legacy central office equipment: The indicator data cover fiber optic long-haul and local loop equipment. Central office equipment and non-fiber transmission equipment (for example, radio-wave backhaul) are not covered in the indicator.
  • Wireless (cellular) networking equipment: Equipment used to manage traffic in mobile phone and data networks, including cellular. Satellites and related ground equipment are not in the scope of this category, but special purpose mobile systems, such as public safety and military communications, are within scope. This category includes cell phones, though with a very small weight that matches its low importance in domestic production. The indicator data cover base station controllers, mobile switching centers, and base transceiver stations.

Corresponding 2012 Economic Census 7-digit product codes:

  • Data networking equipment: 3342107 (part)
  • Enterprise and home voice equipment: 3342101 (part), 3342107 (part)
  • Transmission, local loop, and legacy central office equipment: 3342101 (part), 3342104
  • Wireless (cellular) networking equipment: 3342203, 3342209 (part)

Corresponding 2012 Economic Census 10-digit product codes:

  • Data networking equipment: 3342107203, 3342107204, 3342107206, 3342107207 (part)
  • Enterprise and home voice equipment: 3342101119, 3342107201, 3342107202, 3342107205, 3342107207 (part)
  • Transmission, local loop, and legacy central office equipment: 3342101105, 3342101125, 3342101199, 3342104112, 3342104137, 3342104142, 3342104145, 3342104148
  • Wireless (cellular) networking equipment: 3342203103, 3342203105, 3342203107, 3342203109, 3342203111, 3342203113, 3342209109
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Last Update: March 31, 2017