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2020 Fed Challenge UPDATE

Given the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the Federal Reserve, along with other co-sponsoring Federal Reserve Banks and regional planning universities, have made the changes to the National College Fed Challenge structure to ensure the competition can be held in 2020. Please see College Fed Challenge 2020 Rules and Steps. The new format will allow schools outside the current Fed Challenge districts to compete in a newly created "at-large" new region.

How to Start a Competition in a Region Not Currently Hosting Fed Challenge
  1. Email [email protected] to potentially be matched with other schools in your region who may be interested in collaborating to host a competition.
  2. Contact other schools and universities to team up to create a regional competition.
  3. Contact other regional competition organizers to learn their process for hosting the competition.
  4. Use a fillable poster around campus to promote competition participation. 
Logistical Tips on Setting Up a New Regional Fed Challenge
  1. Use a space on campus for the competition and book the rooms early. (Typically, you will need two rooms for presentations and four to serve as holding rooms where teams can stay until their scheduled competition time.)
  2. Contact your economics department to see if they will assist in sponsoring the event.
  3. Create a registration form.
  4. Reach out to local economists to organize the judges in early September for a November competition.
  5. Email schools interested in competing at the beginning of the semester to get a preliminary indication of interest and then submit final registration (due mid-October).
  6. Follow the rules from the Board's National College Fed Challenge for the first round (15 min presentation and 15-minute Q&A). Some regions choose to alter the second round, one example is to shorten to a five-minute summary presentation and up to 25 minutes of Q&A to determine regional winner who will be sent to Nationals.
  7. If you are organizing a new competition in your district and plan to send a team to Nationals, please contact the Board at [email protected] no later than August of the year you plan to send a new regional team.
  8. Use the National College Fed Challenge Rubric and Scoring Sheet (PDF) as a guide.
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Last Update: August 05, 2019