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2024 Fed Challenge UPDATE

The Federal Reserve, along with other co-sponsoring Federal Reserve Banks and regional planning universities, have made the decision to again host the National College Fed Challenge virtually to ensure the competition can be held in 2024. Please see College Fed Challenge 2024 Rules and Steps. The virtual format will continue to allow schools outside the current Fed Challenge districts to compete in a newly created "at-large" new region.

  1. The 2023 College Fed Challenge will be held virtually. To register in your district please see here

How to indicate region during registration


02-New York


04-Cleveland = [at-large region]


06-Atlanta = [at-large region]


08-St. Louis = [at-large region]

09-Minneapolis = [at-large region]

10-Kansas City = [at-large region]

11-Dallas = [at-large region]

12-San Francisco = [at-large region]

*Note: Boston region is not participating in the video submission portion and any school in Boston region should see: to enter competition.

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Last Update: April 10, 2019