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Research ResourcesSurvey of Consumer Finances

1989 Survey of Consumer Finances

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Summary Results

Special Note on the 1989 SCF
The 1989 SCF had an overlapping panel/cross-section sample design that can be approximately characterized as follows. 1983 participants who still lived at their 1983 addresses in 1989 were included in both the panel and the cross-section. A sample of 1983 participants who had moved was followed, and these cases have only panel representation. New residents of 1983 sample addresses and members of a newly selected cross-section sample have only cross-sectional representation. The data referenced on this page pertain only to cases with cross-sectional representation. Data for cases with panel representation may be found on the 1983-1989 Panel SCF page.

Three types of summary output are available on this page: a Federal Reserve Bulletin article; two sets of tables, in Excel format, that provide estimates comparable to the tables included in the Bulletin article, one using the the internal SCF data and another using the public SCF data; and a chartbook that includes time series charts using triennial SCF data covering the period 1989 to 2010.

Changes in Family Finances from 1983 to 1989: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances
Arthur B. Kennickell and Janice Shack-Marquez
Federal Reserve Bulletin, vol. 78 (January 1992), pp. 1-18.
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Last updated January 1992

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