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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Research ResourcesSurvey of Consumer Finances

2010 Survey of Consumer Finances

Previous year SCF releases:


Three types of technical documentation for the 2010 SCF are available on this page: the 2010 codebook, an outline of the contents of the questionnaire, and a copy of the MR Interview (r) computer code that was used for computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI). In addition, technical working papers on the survey methodology are available. 

Codebook for the 2010 Survey of Consumer Finances
The codebook contains the text, variable names, and responses for the questions asked in the survey. Also provided are a brief summary of the technical features of the survey design; a copy of the source code for the CAPI program, a concordance of variable names in the final data set and those used in the CAPI program; two programs that calculate standard errors for regression models and another program to calculate standard errors for simple statistics such as weighted medians, all three of which account for sampling error and mutliple imputation; and a list of the variables included in the public data set. 
Codebook ()
Last updated 9/4/2014

At key points during the administration of the interview, interviewers show the respondents a series of cards containing information relevant to framing or answering a question. Most of this information is displayed as part of the question text or response categories, but some is more general.
Showcards ()
Last updated 6/19/2012

Questionnaire Outline
This outline cover the major topics addressed in the interview and it includes a reference to the SCF variable numbers. Users may wish to consult this outline to identify areas of interest and then use the variable numbers to locate the more detailed information given in the codebook.
Questionnaire Outline ()
Last updated 2/26/2010

MR Interview (r) Computer Code used for Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)
The 2010 survey data were collected using CAPI. A copy of the source code for the program is provided below. In previous years of the SCF, an executable version of the CAPI program has been provided, but for 2010, only a text version of the program code is available. Right click and choose save, then change the file extension to .mdd and this should allow licensed users of MR Interview to use the file with the software.
MR Interview Program ()
Last updated 9/29/2010

Last update: September 2, 2014