1955 Memos
January 4

Employment of Manager by Open Market Committee (PDF)

January 27

Impressions of Secondary Mortgage Market in Late January, Based on a Spot Survey by Federal Reserve Banks (PDF)

February 1

Improving Communications between the FOMC and the Account Management (PDF)

February 25

Procedure for allocation of securities in the Open Market Account (PDF)

March 11

"Best-price" Trading for the System Open Market Account (PDF)

May 20

Role and Status of Short-term Debt in Treasury Debt Management (PDF)

June 3

Matters to be Discussed During June 22, 1955, Meeting (PDF)

  • Repurchase Agreements
  • Continuing Operating Policies
  • Directive of Open Market Committee

June 6

Management of the System Open Market Account (PDF)

June 17

Improving Communications between the Federal Open Market Committee and the Management of the System Open Market Account (PDF)

June 27

Financial and Operating Data, United States Government Securities Dealers, Year 1954 (PDF)

July 6

Management of the System Open Market Account (PDF)

August 3

Conditions for repurchase agreements prescribed by the Federal Open Market Committee (PDF)

August 18

Discounts on United States Government Securities Held by Commercial Banks (PDF)

September 26

Authorization to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to Purchase Bankers' Acceptances for Its Own Account (PDF)

September 29

Defense Planning (PDF)

October 10

Notes on Debt Management, the Structure of the Debt, and Credit Policy (PDF)

October 25

Management of the System Open Market Account (PDF)

November 3

Relation of Free Reserves and Treasury Bill Rates (PDF)

November 7

Productivity Increases (PDF)

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