1956 Memos
January 20

Brief Summary of New Budget Document (PDF)

March 1

Pro Forma Allocation of SOMA Securities (PDF)

March 5

[Results of System Bankers Acceptance Operations to Date] (PDF)

March 14

Scheduled Review of Operating Procedures (PDF)

March 21

Appraisal of Certain Continuing Operating Policies of the FOMC (PDF)

March 23

Agenda Topic 6, FOMC Meeting March 27 (PDF)

May 2

Changes in List of Dealers with Whom Business is Transacted for SOMA (PDF)

May 3

Suggested Actions Re Continuing Operating Policies of the FOMC (PDF)

May 3

Rebuttal to Chairman Martin Re Continuing Operating Procedures of the FOMC (PDF)

May 16

Swaps in Treasury Bills (PDF)

May 21

Proposal Pending before the Open Market Committee to Authorize the Account Management to Make Swaps in Treasury Bills (PDF)

May 29

Financial and Operating Data (PDF)

June 4

Proposal to Authorize Swaps in Treasury Bills (PDF)

August 14

Dealer Interviews Concerning Swaps for the System Account (PDF)

September 21

Swaps in Treasury Bills Reconsidered (PDF)

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