1969 Memos
January 31

Discussion of questions raised by Governor Maisel concerning System foreign currency operations (PDF)

February 3

Additional material re the Treasury debt ceiling problem (PDF)

February 27

Proposed technical amendments to authorization for System foreign currency operations (PDF)

March 17

Rescheduling the June 17, 1969, meeting to avoid a conflict with the American Bankers Association 1969 Monetary Conference (PDF)

March 17

Exchange Rate Study (PDF)

April 7

Correction of Data Presented to FOMC on Business Capital Spending Plans (PDF)

April 9

Recommendation on Report of Treasury-Federal Reserve Study of the U.S. Government Securities Market (PDF)

April 17

Second Report of Committee of Officers to Study Liabilities of U.S. Banks to Foreign Branches (PDF)

April 22

Timing Relationships between Private Spending and Private Borrowing (PDF)

May 1

Governor Maisel's memorandum to FOMC on U.S. Government Securities Market Study (PDF)

June 18

Experimental Open Market Operations in Federal Agency Issues (PDF)

June 18

Request for a more liberal interpretation of the $1 billion warehousing facility for the Stabilization Fund (PDF)

June 20

Considerations against Federal Reserve operations in Agency issues at this time (PDF)

August 8

Recent Statistics on Bank Credit and Money Supply (PDF)

September 5

Proposed alternative to use of bank credit in proviso clause (PDF)

September 8

Suggestion for modification of proposed amendment to continuing authority directive (PDF)

September 23

Exchanging maturing Treasury securities for new issues, and the legal authorization to do so (PDF)

September 29

FAC and FOMC meeting schedules (PDF)

October 6

Possible Increases in Swap Arrangements with Austria, Denmark, and Norway (PDF)

October 6

Proposed amendment to continuing authority directive (PDF)

October 23

Two Additional Considerations with Respect to Federal Reserve Operations in Agency Issues (PDF)

November 3

Tentative Committee meeting dates for 1970 (PDF)

November 24

Correspondence on System lending of Government securities (PDF)

December 5

Possible means for handling sensitive passages in releasing FOMC Minutes for years after 1961 (PDF)

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