July 20, 2006

Tentative FOMC schedule for 2007

For immediate release

The Federal Open Market Committee on Thursday announced its tentative meeting schedule for 2007:

January 30-31 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
March 20-21 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
May 9 (Wednesday)
June 27-28 (Wednesday-Thursday)
August 7 (Tuesday)
September 18 (Tuesday)
October 30-31 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
December 11 (Tuesday)
January 29-30, 2008 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

Compared with the practice of recent years, the number of two-day meetings was increased from two to four to allow more opportunity for in-depth discussion of economic issues.

Additionally, the Committee announced a change in its tentative schedule for 2006. The October meeting will be expanded to two days to allow time for discussion of communications issues; it will begin on Tuesday, October 24 and continue on Wednesday, October 25. The Committee's statement will be released around 2:15 p.m. EDT on Wednesday.

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