November 25, 2009

Federal Reserve to run public service announcement with credit card tips for holiday shoppers

For immediate release


The Federal Reserve wants consumers to use their credit cards wisely as they shop for the holidays, and is sponsoring 45-second advertisements in movie theaters with tips to help shoppers avoid unnecessary charges and fees.

The advertisements will appear before movie previews at 12 highly attended theaters in major metropolitan areas from November 27 through December 3. The ads provide tips for getting the most from credit cards, including paying on time, staying below the card's credit limit, avoiding unnecessary fees, paying more than the minimum payment, and watching for changes in account terms. Additional information and resources can be found on the Federal Reserve's website at:

Several Federal Reserve Banks will make consumer literature available in the theater lobbies. In addition, the Federal Reserve is making the ad available to the Reserve Banks and others, such as credit counseling organizations, for use in creating their own responsible credit use campaigns.

To view the Board's advertisement visit:

Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve sponsored ads that provided tips and information for avoiding mortgage foreclosure rescue scams. The ads ran in movie theaters in locations with high incidences of foreclosure.

Last Update: November 25, 2009