July 11, 2013

List of Rules, Notices, and Reports Of the Federal Reserve Board under the Dodd-Frank Act as of July 2, 2013

List of Rules, Notices, and Reports Of the Federal Reserve Board under the Dodd-Frank Act as of July 2, 2013

Final Rules and Federal Register Notices:

  1. Final rule to implement Basel III capital standards, including standardized risk-weighting and application of advanced approaches risk-based capital rule and market risk capital rule to certain banking organizations and SLHCs
  2. Interim final rule regarding applicability of swaps push-out provision to uninsured U.S. branches and agencies of FBOs
  3. Final rule on retail FX transactions for Fed-regulated banks
  4. Final rule to provide Title I definition for potential SIFI designation
  5. Joint final rule with CFPB, FDIC, FHFA, NCUA, and OCC to implement real estate appraisal requirements for higher-risk mortgages
  6. Final rule to implement supervisory and company-run stress test requirements for BHCs with $50 billion or more in assets and nonbank SIFIs supervised by the Fed
  7. Final rule to implement annual company-run stress test requirements for banking organizations with over $10 billion in assets supervised by the Fed, not covered already
  8. Final rule to implement risk-management standards and advance notice requirements for FMUs designated as systemically important
  9. Final rule to implement debit card interchange fees fraud prevention adjustment
  10. Joint final rule with FDIC and OCC to include credit rating alternatives in market risk capital rules
  11. Final rule to implement securities holding company registration procedures
  12. Notice to implement SLHC reporting requirements
  13. Final rule requiring annual capital plans for top tier U.S. BHCs and providing stress testing instructions for the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review
  14. Joint final rule with FDIC to implement "living will" resolution plan requirement
  15. Board rule temporarily exempting motor vehicle dealers from Reg. B data collection requirements
  16. Interim final rule regarding regulations applicable to SLHCs (Reg. LL and MM)
  17. Notice on OTS regulations to be continued
  18. Final rule to repeal Reg. Q (interest on demand deposits)
  19. Joint final rule with FTC to revise the content requirements for risk-based pricing notices under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (Reg. V)
  20. Final rule amending Reg. B to include the disclosure of credit scores in connection with adverse actions
  21. Final rule on debit card interchange fees and prohibition on network exclusivity arrangements and routing restrictions
  22. Joint final rule with FDIC and OCC implementing Collins Amendment capital floors
  23. Notice regarding application of consolidated supervision program to SLHCs
  24. Final rule to increase exemption threshold under Reg. Z Truth In Lending Act
  25. Final rule to increase exemption threshold under Reg. M Consumer Leasing Act
  26. Final rule to expand coverage under Reg. Z Truth In Lending Act
  27. Final rule to expand coverage under Reg. M Consumer Leasing Act
  28. Final rule revising Reg. Z Truth in Lending escrow account requirements, including increase to APR threshold for establishing escrow accounts
  29. Final rule on Volcker rule conformance period
  30. Notice of intent for reporting requirements for SLHCs
  31. Interim final rule regarding real estate appraiser independence

Proposed Rules:

  1. Proposed rule to implement supervisory assessment fees
  2. Proposed rule to implement Federal Reserve accounts & services for designated financial market utilities (FMUs)
  3. Proposed rule to implement FBO enhanced prudential standards
  4. Jointly proposed rule with FinCEN to amend Bank Secrecy Act definitions resulting from DFA amendments to EFTA
  5. Proposed rule to implement enhanced prudential standards addressing capital, liquidity, credit exposure, stress testing, risk management, and early remediation requirements; two stress testing final rules were issued separately on 10/9/12
  6. Jointly proposed rule with FDIC, OCC, and SEC to implement Volcker Rule activity restrictions
  7. Proposed rule to require remittance transfer providers to make certain disclosures under Reg. E
  8. Proposed rule to require creditor to determine a consumer's ability to repay mortgage before making loan under TILA (Reg. Z)
  9. Jointly proposed rule with FCA, FDIC, FHFA, and OCC to establish margin and capital requirements for covered swap entities
  10. Jointly proposed rule with FDIC, FHFA, NCUA, OCC, OTS, and SEC on incentive compensation arrangements
  11. Jointly proposed rule with FDIC, FHFA, HUD, OCC, and SEC on credit risk retention
  12. Proposed rule on escrow account requirements under the Truth In Lending Act (Reg. Z)

Completed Reports / Studies:

  1. Fed Discount Window Lending and Open Market Transactions Disclosure
  2. Board and Reserve Bank Congressional reports on OMWI
  3. Board Congressional report on credit rating review in regulations
  4. Board study on bankruptcy process for financial companies
  5. Board study on international coordination of bankruptcy process for SIFIs
  6. Board Congressional report on government prepaid cards
  7. Joint report with CFTC and SEC on designated clearing entities
  8. Board Congressional report on ACH remittance transfers
  9. Board report on debit interchange transaction fees
  10. Joint report with OTS, FDIC, and OCC on OTS transition plan
  11. Board public website disclosure of emergency lending and other facilities
  12. Board study on impact of credit risk on securitizations market

Other Rules authorized by Dodd-Frank Act:

  1. Financial Sector Concentration Limit
  2. Credit Exposure Reporting Requirements (joint with FDIC)
  3. Intermediate Holding Company Regulations for Systemically Important Non-bank Financial Companies and Unitary Savings and Loan Holding Companies
  4. Safe Harbor Provision to exempt certain types of nonbank financial companies from being systemically important
  5. Source of Strength Requirement (joint with FDIC and OCC)
  6. Emergency Lending Facilities
  7. Amendments to section 23A
  8. Real Estate Appraisal Auto Valuation Models (joint with OCC, FDIC, NCUA, FHFA and CFPB)
  9. Real Estate Appraisal Management Company Registration (joint with OCC, FDIC, NCUA, FHFA, and CFPB)
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