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Actions taken during the week ending October 22, 2022

Updated: October 27, 2022
Bank Branches, Domestic

South Shore Bank, South Weymouth, Massachusetts -- to establish a branch at 1280 Belmont Street, Brockton, Massachusetts
Approved: October 19, 2022

Bank Holding Companies

GDW Bankshares, Inc., Sandersville, Georgia -- to become a bank holding company by acquiring outstanding shares of The Geo. D. Warthen Bank, Sandersville, Georgia
Approved: October 18, 2022

General Counsel

Russell Family Holdings, LLC; DZM Family LLC; MRFamily LLC; and GoGet LLC, all of Atlanta, Georgia -- waiver of application in connection with the transfer of stock in Citizens Bancshares Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia. *
Granted: September 23, 2022

Kansas City

N.B.C. Bancshares in Pawhuska, Inc., Pawhuska, Oklahoma -- to merge with First National Bancshares of Weatherford, Inc., and indirectly acquire First National Bank and Trust Company of Weatherford, both of Weatherford, Oklahoma
Approved: October 18, 2022

St. Louis

Bradford Bancorp, Inc., Greenville, Illinois -- to merge with Community Bancshares, Inc., and thereby indirectly acquire Community Trust Bank, both of Irvington, Illinois
Withdrawn: October 18, 2022

Banks, State Member

Ally Bank, Sandy, Utah -- to make three public welfare investments *
Approved: October 13, 2022

Change in Bank Control

Citizens Bancshares Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia -- Donata Russell Ross, Michael B. Russell, and Herman J. Russell, Jr., all of Atlanta, Georgia; a group acting in concert, to acquire voting shares of Citizens Bancshares Corporation and thereby indirectly acquire voting shares of Citizens Trust Bank, Atlanta, Georgia *
Permitted: September 23, 2022

Supervision and Regulation
Director, S&R

Citizens Financial Group, Inc., Stamford, Connecticut -- to make capital distributions in the fourth quarter of 2022, after the occurrence of an event requiring resubmission of its capital plan
Approved: October 20, 2022

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Last Update: October 27, 2022