State and Local Pension Funding Status and Ratios by State, 2002 - 2021 1

Assets2 (US$ Billions)
Liabilities3 (US$ Billions)
Funding Status4 (US$ Billions)
Funding Ratio5 (%)
Funding Status Percent of GDP6 (%)
United States
  1. Includes defined-benefit pension plans sponsored by state and local governments for their employees. Return to text
  2. End of year pension assets estimated from Census Annual Survey of Pensions data. Return to table
  3. Pension liabilities are from BEA and referred to as pension entitlements in the Z.1 Financial Accounts of the United States. Return to table
  4. Assets less liabilities. Negative values indicate underfunding of pension plans. Return to table
  5. Assets as a percentage of Liabiltiies. Return to table
  6. State level GDP comes from BEA’s All Industry Total Annual GDP by State series. Return to table
Last Update: December 15, 2023
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