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Research ResourcesSurvey of Consumer Finances

1983-89 Panel Survey of Consumer Finances

Previous year SCF releases:


Four types of technical documentation for the 1983-89 Panel SCF are available: the panel codebook, a questionnaire-style summary of the survey variables, the household enumeration folder (HEF), and the panel survey questionnaire. In addition, technical working papers on the survey methodology are available.

Codebook for the 1983-89 Panel Survey of Consumer Finances
Arthur B. Kennickell
The codebook contains the text, variable names, and responses for the questions asked in the survey. Also provided are a summary of the technical aspects of the survey design, guidelines used in editing, and a list of the variables included in the public data set.
Codebook ()
Last updated March 30, 2006

Questionnaire-Style Summary of the 1983-89 Panel SCF Variables
This document is based on the questionnaire for the 1983-89 Panel SCF. The questionnaire has been altered to include the SCF X-variable names of the final variables. The codes available in this document do not always include the full range used in the dataset. The codebook is the appropriate place to turn for the fine details of the structure of the data.
Questionnaire-style summary ()
Last updated March 1, 2001

Household Enumeration Folders (HEF) and Household Listing Update (HLU)
There are four versions of the 1983-89 HEF. The HLU was used with each one, except for the Cross-Section Only HEF.

Panel Only HEF ("yellow coversheet")
This HEF was used for 1983 respondents who no longer lived at their 1983 address.

Panel Only HEF ()

Panel/Cross-Section HEF ("green coversheet")
This HEF was used for 1983 respondents who still lived at their 1983 address and were eligible for a panel interview.
Panel/Cross-Section HEF ()

Splitoff HEF ("pink coversheet")
This HEF was used for members of 1983 respondent couples who no longer lived together in 1989. An attempt was made to contact each spouse who was a respondent in 1983.
Splitoff HEF ()

Cross-Section Only HEF ("white coversheet")
This HEF was used for residents at 1983 sample addresses who were not eligible for a panel interview (i.e., new residents at a 1983 sample address, residents who refused an interview in 1983, and 1983 participants who were under age 22 at that time). Cases that used this form were not included in the panel dataset.
Cross-Section Only HEF ()

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