Records Retention Program, Employee Performance Records

N1-82-99-01 Employee Performance Records Approved by NARA: 08-16-1999
Employee Performance Records
Records Retention Schedules

The Board requests disposition authority for records normally covered by GRS 1, items 23a(3)(b) and 23b(2)(b). The Board has separate statutory authority to manage issues regarding its employees. In light of the fact that the courts have permitted plaintiffs to submit ten-year-old performance files into evidence, the Board requests authority to retain employee performance files for 10 years.

4. Employee Performance Case Files.
Files include the performance rating form and may include relevant related records such as performance plans, job elements, and the standards upon which the ratings are based. Records exist in paper and electronic format.

a. Paper Format. Record copy until an electronic recordkeeping system is established.

Cut off files at the end of the calendar year in which the rating was given. Destroy 10 years after cutoff.

b. Electronic Format.

(1) Files created prior to establishment of an electronic recordkeeping system.

Destroy when the recordkeeping copy has been printed and filed with related records.

(2) Electronic recordkeeping copy (when established).

Destroy 10 years after the end of the calendar year in which the rating was given.

c. Managers' File Copies (All Formats).

Performance rating files with supporting documentation in addition to the record components listed above (e.g. notes, memos, correspondence, copies of forms or certificates).

Destroy when recordkeeping copies, either paper or electronic, have been placed in the files.

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