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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Regulatory Information

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Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
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Federal Reserve Regulatory Service

Updated monthly

Contains all Board regulations plus related statutes, interpretations, policy statements, rulings, and staff opinions. Available as a five-volume loose-leaf set or on CD-ROM. For those with specialized interests, four parts of this service are published separately as handbooks.
Print: Order Form (Annual Subscription $200, outside U.S. $250)

CD: Order Form (Annual CD subscription)
Max. 1 concurrent user: $300, outside U.S. $350
Max. 10 concurrent users: $750, outside U.S. $800
Max. 50 concurrent users: $2,000 outside U.S. $2,050
Max. 100 concurrent users: $3,000 outside U.S. $3,050

For installation technical support contact Global Village Publishing at 703-548-3627.

Federal Reserve Regulatory Handbooks

Updated monthly

Parts of the Federal Reserve Regulatory Service published separately. Each contains citation indexes and a subject index.

Consumer and Community Affairs Handbook

Contains Regulations B, C, E, G, H (subpart H), M, V, Z, BB, and FF, plus related statutes, commentaries, and policy statements. Also contains the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Regulations B, C, E, M, P, V, Z, and DD, plus related commentaries.

Monetary Policy and Reserve Requirements Handbook

Contains Regulations A and D, plus related statutes, interpretations, and staff opinions.

Payment System Handbook

Contains Regulations J, CC, EE, GG, HH, and II--dealing with expedited funds availability, check collection, wire transfers, Internet gambling, designated financial market utilities, and debit cards--plus related statutes, commentaries, and policy statements.

Securities Credit Transaction Handbook

Contains Regulations T, U, and X--dealing with extensions of credit for the purchase of securities--plus related statutes, interpretations, rulings, and staff opinions.
Print: Order Form (Annual subscription $75/handbook, outside U.S. $100/handbook)

Regulation Pamphlets

Pamphlets of Board regulations and commentaries. Regulation pamphlets contain both the regulation and the authorizing statute.
Online   Print: Order Form (Up to 100 copies without charge, any additional $0.25 each)
Last update: September 7, 2016