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Annual Growth Rates, Levels, and Flows of Outstanding Receivables at Finance Companies.

The first table of the G.20 shows seasonally adjusted data for the flows and levels of finance company receivables outstanding. These data include simple annual percent changes of total, consumer, real estate, and business receivables. The percent change in a given period is calculated as the flow of receivables in the current period divided by the level in the previous period. Percent changes and levels are calculated from unrounded data. The second and third pages of the G.20 show data that are not seasonally adjusted. The second page contains levels of outstanding receivables by receivable type, while the third page contains flow of receivables by type.

Benchmark Data

Every five years since 1955, the Federal Reserve has conducted the Finance Company Survey (FR 3033s), which is sent to a stratified random sample of finance and mortgage companies. In the most recent survey, the Board surveyed roughly 2,400 finance companies to collect balance sheet data as of December 2010. Approximately 1,000 companies responded. The survey comprises detailed information from both sides of the respondents' balance sheets. See table 1 for the specific items used in our calculations.

Indicator Data

Indicator data for finance companies are collected from the Domestic Finance Company Report of Consolidated Assets and Liabilities (FR 2248). This report collects balance sheet and, where appropriate, off-balance-sheet data on major categories of receivables and on major short-term liabilities held or securitized by finance companies. For quarter-end months (March, June, September, and December), additional asset and liability items are collected to provide a full balance sheet. The Board is currently authorized to survey 70 companies each month; because of consolidation and attrition, the current reporting panel as of November 2011 consists of a random sample of about 50 companies. See table 1 for the specific items used in our calculations.

Detailed source

Table 1. Benchmark and Indicator data for Finance Companies
G.20 Benchmark Data: Survey of Finance Company (FR 3033s) Items Indicator Data: Domestic Finance Company Report of Consolidated Assets and Liabilities (FR 2248) Items Line Item Numbers* **
Motor Vehicle Loans QFCS2751 DFCR2751 3.B.1
Motor Vehicle Leases QFCSA211 + QFCSA214 DFCRA211 + DFCRA214 3.D.1.a + 4.A.1
Revolving QFCS1682 DFCR1682 3.B.2
Other QFCS1987 DFCR1987 3.B.3
Securitized Assets
Motor Vehicle Loans QFCS5001 DFCR5001 S.3.B.1
Motor Vehicle Leases QFCSA271+ QFCSA274 DFCRA271 + DFCRA274 S.3.D.1.a + S.4.A.1
Revolving QFCSA198 DFCRA198 S.3.B.2
Other QFCS5005 DFCR5005 S.3.B.3
Real Estate
One-to-Four Family QFCS1797 + QFCS5367 + QFCS5368 DFCR1797 + DFCR5367 + DFCR5368 3.A.1.a + 3.A.1.b + 3.A.1.c
Other QFCS1460 + QFCS1683 DFCR1460+DFCR1683 3.A.2 + 3.A.3
Securitized Assets
One-to-Four Family QFCSA253 DFCRA253 S.3.A.1
Other QFCSA254 + QFCSA255 DFCRA254 + DFCRA255 S.3.A.2 + S.3.A.3
Motor Vehicles
Retail Loans QFCS2752 DFCR2752 3.C.1.a
Wholesale Loans QFCS2027 DFCR2027 3.C.1.b
Leases QFCSA212 + QFCSA215 DFCRA212 + DFCRA215 3.D.2.a + 4.B.1
Loans QFCS1989 DFCR1989 3.C.2
Leases QFCS1685 + QFCSA218 + QFCSJ952 DFCR1685 + DFCRA218 + DFCRJ952 3.D.2.b + 4.B.2 + 4.B.3
Other Business Receivables QFCS8610 + QFCSJ949 DFCR8610 + DFCRJ949 3.C.3 + 3.D.2.c
Securitized Assets
Motor Vehicles
Retail Loans QFCSA297 DFCRA297 S.3.C.1.a
Wholesale Loans QFCSA298 DFCRA298 S.3.C.1.b
Leases QFCSA272 + QFCSA275 DFCRA272 + DFCRA275 S.3.D.2.a + S.4.B.1
Loans QFCSA256 DFCRA256 S.3.C.2
Leases QFCSA257 + QFCSA278 + QFCSJ953 DFCRA257 + DFCRA278 + DFCRJ953 S.3.D.2.b + S.4.B.2 + S.4.B.3
Other Business Receivables QFCSA258 + QFCSJ950 DFCRA258 + DFCRJ950 S.3.C.3 + S.3.D.2.c

* The line item numbers are identical both for the indicator series, as well as for the benchmark series.  Return to table

** The letter "S" at the beginning of a line item reference indicates off-book/securitized balances.  Return to table

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Last Update: October 03, 2018