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The Federal Reserve System's supervisory education programs for examiners is set forth in supervisory letter SR 17-06. The Federal Reserve's supervisory education includes examiner commissioning programs for large financial institutions, community banks, and consumer compliance, in addition to a suite of learning options for continuing professional development.

All Federal Reserve supervisory staff are required to complete foundational learning related to the Federal Reserve's role as the U.S. central bank and its responsibility to supervise and regulate various financial institutions.

While Federal Reserve supervisory education content is primarily created and maintained for Federal Reserve staff, there is content available for examiners and staff from State banking agencies, foreign central banks, and other regulatory agencies as well.

Courses and descriptions may vary from year to year, so please check here for the most up-to-date information.


Amol Vaidya

Division of Supervision and Regulation

Board of Governors

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Last Update: January 24, 2019