Federal Reserve System Courses

Course descriptions are updated annually prior to registration for the following year's classes.

Accounting and Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies (Online) (33 KB PDF)

ALM Model Lab Hands-On (STREAM Technology Lab) (144 KB PDF)

Bank Operations Simulation (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Basel II: Retail Activities (PDF)

Basel II: Wholesale Activities (PDF)

BSA/AML Hands-On (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Community Reinvestment Act Examination Techniques (CRA) (PDF)

Consumer Affairs Risk-Focused Examination Techniques (CARET) (PDF)

e-Banking/Mobile Banking (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Examiner IT Bootcamp Hands-On (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Fair Lending Examination Techniques (FLET) (PDF)

Introduction to Consumer Compliance Examinations (CA I) (PDF)

IS Vulnerability Management Hands-On (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

IT Supervisory Themes and Emerging Topics (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Network Security Hands-On (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Operating Systems Hands-On (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Payment Systems and Risks (STREAM Technology Lab) (PDF)

Principles of Fiduciary Supervision (PDF)

Principles of Insurance (Online) (PDF)

Real Estate Lending Examination Techniques (RELET) (PDF)

Real Estate Lending Seminar (PDF)

Securities Broker Dealer (PDF)

Trading Risk Management (TRM) (PDF)

Other Agency Courses

The Options Institute (PDF)


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Last Update: June 02, 2017