Federal Reserve System Courses

Course descriptions are updated annually prior to registration for the following year's classes.

Accounting and Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies (PDF)

Retail Credit Risk Seminar (PDF)

Wholesale Credit Risk Seminar (PDF)

Real Estate Lending Seminar (PDF)

Securities Broker Dealer (PDF)

Trading Risk Management (TRM) (PDF)

The Options Institute (PDF)

*The STREAM Course offerings have been integrated into the national Supervision Learning portfolio of the Federal Reserve and are under review to ensure their alignment with strategic learning needs and consideration of today's delivery mechanisms. For 2018, published course offerings will be held and delivered at the STREAM Lab in Chicago. More details regarding 2019 and beyond will be shared throughout the year as the plans are further solidified. Any immediate questions can be directed to the STREAM@chi.frb.org.

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Last Update: July 05, 2018