Orders Issued under the Bank Merger Act, Federal Deposit Insurance Act, Federal Reserve Act, and International Banking Act, 2018

Bank Merger Act

Federal Deposit Insurance Act

- Section 19 Letters

    January 3, 2018:
      Merz, John G. (PDF)
      Tracy, Bonnie R. (PDF)
    January 5, 2018:
      Monaco, Martina E. (PDF)
    January 18, 2018:
      Diaz, Luis A. (PDF)
    January 22, 2018:
      Laboy, Sobeida M. (PDF)
      Sawtelle, Geffrey A. (PDF)
    January 25, 2018:
      Shelton, Vernell A. (PDF)

Federal Reserve Act

International Banking Act

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Last Update: February 07, 2018