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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

Conference Presentations

REO and Vacant Property Strategies for Neighborhood Stabilization Conference

September 1-2, 2010

National Overview of the REO Crisis
September 1, 2010 

This presentation provides an overview of national and regional REO trends and an outlook for the future. 

Fostering Healthy Regional Markets
September 1, 2010 

This panel discusses how stabilization efforts are organized in different regions of the nation, highlighting promising practices and programs. 

National "First Look"
September 1, 2010 
Secretary Donovan discusses the creation of a National "First Look" program for the sale of REO properties. 

Industry Perspectives on REO Strategies
September 1, 2010 

This panel examines the response to the REO crisis by banking institutions and other holders of REO property. 

New Directions for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
September 1, 2010 
This panel discusses innovative local NSP programs to rebuild neighborhoods devastated by the economic crisis. 

Case Study: Mortgage Outreach and Research Efforts
September 1, 2010 

President Evans outlines the Federal Reserve response to the housing crisis under the Mortgage Outreach and Research Efforts initiative (MORE), highlighting System efforts to help stabilize communities. 

Promising Approaches to Stabilizing Neighborhoods and Keeping Properties Occupied
September 2, 2010 

This panel examines the feasibility of extending to new areas promising local approaches to addressing REO. 

Overcoming Local Challenges: Boston and Cleveland
September 2, 2010 
This panel examines two examples of municipalities that have been able stabilize neighborhoods in spite of significant barriers to achieve their goals. 

Taking Stabilization Efforts to Scale
September 2, 2010 
This panel discusses novel ways to increase the capacity of local stabilization efforts, while acknowledging existing resource limitations. 


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