Data and Connectivity Symposium

March 1, 2022


Digitization and the rise of new data-driven business models are transforming financial services. These developments are leading to novel partnerships between banks and technology companies, and greater interconnectedness across the industry. Today, banks are increasingly using third parties to provide a broad range of services and to enhance their own operations. The growing ease of connectivity and the increasing ubiquity and value of data are leading to significant shifts impacting banks, nonbanks, and regulators.

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors seeks to explore these developments and their implications for the safety and soundness of banks, consumer protection, and the evolution of banking more broadly. The Data and Connectivity Symposium will convene academics, technical experts, and industry practitioners to discuss these key developments.

Participants will join via Onstream. To register, please visit The conference will also be webcast at and

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Last Update: February 16, 2022