Stress Testing: A Discussion and Review

July 9, 2019

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

Watch the online webcast of the event at YouTube.

Stress testing has become an important part of capital regulation for large U.S. banking organizations through the annual Dodd-Frank-Act Stress Tests (DFAST) and Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR).The Federal Reserve will host the "Stress Testing: A Discussion and Review" conference to discuss the transparency and effectiveness of the stress tests and how the stress tests can remain a dynamic and useful tool of large bank supervision.

The conference will be held on July 9, 2019 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and will bring together academics, regulators, bankers, and other stakeholders. The panels will include overviews and discussions of themes that are at the forefront of stress testing, including the effectiveness of stress testing as a policy tool, dynamism and transparency in stress testing, and the effects stress tests have on economic and financial conditions. These panels will feature thought leaders who will provide unique perspectives on stress testing.

Due to limited seating, in-person attendance is by invitation only. The conference will be live-streamed so other interested parties can view the proceedings (link will be posted here when available). In addition, the conference presentations will be posted to this website shortly before the event.

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Last Update: July 22, 2019