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Weighted aggregate series available in DDP

With the release of the April 2020 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey results six new series are available via the Data Download Program (DDP). These series report aggregate standards and demand for business loans, household loans, and all loans, weighted by banks' loan portfolio shares. The construction of these series is described in Glancy, David, Robert Kurtzman, and Rebecca Zarutskie (2020). "An Aggregate View of Bank Lending Standards and Demand," FEDS Notes. Washington: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 2020-05-04, Weighted series can be found by selecting the "Memo" data set in the "Build Your Package" tool and have the following names: All loans: SUBLPDMOS_XWB_N.Q (standards) and SUBLPDMOD_XWB_N.Q (demand) Business loans: SUBLPDMBS_XWB_N.Q (standards) and SUBLPDMBD_XWB_N.Q (demand) Household loans: SUBLPDMHS_XWB_N.Q (standards) and SUBLPDMHD_XWB_N.Q (demand)

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