This feed provides information about selected interest rate data from the Federal Reserve Board's H.15 release available through the Data Download Program (DDP).

December 08, 2009

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July 21, 2009

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April 08, 2009

H15 announcement on 4/8/2009
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July 28, 2004

Addition of 20-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Inflation-Indexed
In accordance with its announcement of May 5, 2004, the Treasury commenced publishing a 20-year constant maturity inflation-indexed interest rate effective July 27, 2004. It appears on the daily H.15 effective with the issue of July 28, 2004, and on the weekly H.15 effective with the issue of August 2, 2004.

June 02, 2004

*** Test *** Discontinuance of Treasury Long-Term Average Nominal Rate
In accordance with its announcement of May 5, 2004, the Treasury has ceased publication of its long-term average nominal yield, effective June 1, 2004. The Treasury commenced publishing this rate on February 19, 2002, coinciding with the discontinuance of its 30-year constant maturity rate. At that time, the Treasury began to publish an "extrapolation factor," to allow users to calculate a proxy for the 30-year constant maturity rate. An extrapolation factor will continue to be published, but, as of June 1, it will be based on an extrapolation from the 20-year yield curve point. The extrapolation factor is available at the Treasury website,, as reported in footnote 11 of the release.

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