1958 Memos
January 15

Next Three Meetings (PDF)

March 3

Chronological Record of the Origin of the Ad Hoc Sub-committee (PDF)

March 31

Dealers with Whom Business is Transacted for SOMA (PDF)

April 9

Review of High Grade Bond Markets (PDF)

April 25

Dealers with Whom Business is Transacted for SOMA-- Chas. E. Quincey and Co. (PDF)

June 30

Financial and Operating Data (PDF)

September 11

Speculation in the United States Government Securities Market, 1957 to 1958 (PDF)

September 18

Technical Committee of the New York Money Market (PDF)

September 22

Summary of Meeting of Technical Committee of the NY Money Market, September 15, 1958 (PDF)

October 16

Reserve Bank Participation in Proposed Treasury Refunding (PDF)

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