1962 Memos
January 3

Agenda for Seminar on Bank Reserves and Estimations (PDF)

January 5

Statements of Operating Policies Federal Open Market Committee (PDF)

January 8

Letter from Treasury General Counsel Regarding Power at the Federal Reserve to Conduct Foreign Currency Operations (PDF)

January 19

Instructions regarding Open Market Transactions in foreign currencies (PDF)

February 6

Possible Mechanisms for Temporary Absorption of Reserves (PDF)

February 19

Legal Authority for Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations (PDF)

February 28

Suggested Revision in Procedure for Allocation of Participations in the SOMA (PDF)

March 20

Allocations of SOMA Securities (PDF)

May 3

Report to FOMC by Informal Nominating Group on Proposed Manager of SOMA (PDF)

June 11

Liquidity Position of the U.S. Economy in Early 1962 (PDF)

August 16

System Open Market Account Exchanges (PDF)

August 30

Newspaper Article on U.S. Dollar (PDF)

September 7

Malon S. Andrus, Inc. (PDF)

September 7

Policy, Bank Credit Extension, etc., in the Last Sixteen Months (PDF)

September 10

Draft Directive (PDF)

September 12

Another European View of U.S. Balance of Payments Policy (PDF)

  • Capital Market Policy in the Shadow of the Balance of Payments

October 1

System Role in Syndicated Underwriting of Long-Term Treasury Bonds (PDF)

November 8

Report on Treasury Plan to Market Long-Term Bonds through Competitive Bidding by Syndicates (PDF)

November 19

Further Comments on Guidelines for Monetary Policy (PDF)

December 17

United States Monetary and Debt Management Policy (PDF)

  • United States Monetary and Debt Management Policy
  • Comments on Secretariat Note on U.S. Monetary and Debt Management Policy

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