1963 Memos
January 24

Suggested Revision in Procedures for Allocation of Participations in SOMA (PDF)

January 24

Composition of the House Committee on Banking and Currency (PDF)

February 26

Suggested Revisions in Procedures with Respect to Allocations of SOMA (PDF)

February 26

Request for Authorization of Forward Exchange Operations (PDF)

March 8

Revision to February 26, 1963 Memorandum (PDF)

March 15

Comments on Papers Distributed at Last FOMC Meeting (PDF)

March 26

Additional staff paper (PDF)

  • The U.S. Balance-of-Payments Situation in Early 1963, with Tentative Notes on the Outlook

March 29

Monetary Policy and Balance of Payments (PDF)

  • Monetary Policy and the Balance of Payments
  • Effects of Monetary Policy on the Domestic Economy and on the Balnce of Payments. Further Comment

April 3

Additional staff papers (PDF)

  • Balance-of-payments effects of easier credit conditions and lower interest rates

April 5

Bond market review article (PDF)

April 9

Additional staff paper (PDF)

  • Possible effects of the dollar of any sterling devaluation

May 2

Report of President Holtrop (PDF)

  • The President's Report - General Survey

May 8

Bank of England (PDF)

May 9

Bank of England waiver of commission (PDF)

June 17

Present Position of the Dollar (PDF)

June 27

Liquidity and monetary policy (PDF)

July 18

Excerpt from the IMF report on 1963 Article VIII Consultations with United States (PDF)

July 30

Report on Attendance at Recent OECD Meetings (PDF)

September 18

Procedures with Respect to Allocations of the System Open Market Account (PDF)

October 17

System's swap arrangements (PDF)

  • Rationale of the system's swap arrangements

October 18

Reconciliation of third-quarter deficit figures (PDF)

November 4

Reserve Guideline (PDF)

November 8

Request for authorization of spot purchases of Italian lire, and other European currencies, and of their simultaneous forward sales to the U.S. Treasury (PDF)

November 22

Federal Reserve Statement after Assassination of President Kennedy (PDF)

November 27

Procedures with respect to allocations of the System Open Market Account (PDF)

December 4

Procedures with Respect to Allocations of the System Open Market Account (PDF)

December 18

Official Operations in Longer-term U.S. Government Securities (PDF)

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