1966 Memos
January 27

A Free Reserve Proposal (PDF)

February 18

Proposed reorganization of instruments governing foreign currency operations (PDF)

March 21

Federal Reserve Operations in Foreign Exchange, 1962-1965 (PDF)

April 8

Commentary on Mr. Baker's Memorandum "Federal Reserve Operations in Foreign Exchange 1962-1965" (PDF)

April 27

Questions relating to the System's foreign-exchange operations (PDF)

April 28

Revisions of proposed new instruments governing foreign currency operations (PDF)

July 8

Preparations for dealing with airline strike by utilizing the first repurchase agreements (PDF)

July 19

Administration of the Discount Window (PDF)

July 22

Use of Matched Sale Purchase Contracts, July 13-20, 1966 (PDF)

  • System Use of Matched Sale-Purchase Contracts, July 13-20, 1966

August 29

Development of revised program for discount administration (PDF)

  • Revised Program for Discount Administration in the Current Economic Environment
  • Letter to Member Banks Concerning need to Restrain Business Lending

September 1

Contingency planning for the U.S. Government securities and other financial markets (PDF)

September 6

Program for Discount Administration in the Current Economic Environment (PDF)

October 3

Authorization by the Committee of repurchase agreements in Government agency issues (PDF)

October 31

Draft of current economic policy directive and accompanying notes (PDF)

November 16

FOMC meeting agenda revision to add discussion of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (PDF)

November 21

Board staff projections of aggregate reserves, member bank deposits, and related series (PDF)

December 5

Article VIII Consultation with the United States, 1966 (PDF)

December 12

Revision in bank credit estimates for November (PDF)

  • Discussion of the content and delivery of the Bluebook

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