1968 Memos
March 21

Treatment of absent members in recording votes in policy records (PDF)

March 27

Recent purchase of Swiss francs at rate other than market rate (PDF)

April 25

A Flexible Rate for Repurchase Agreements (PDF)

May 16

Final Minutes: Joint Meeting of the System Research Advisory Committee and the Committee on Banking and Credit Policy, April 2, 1968 -- Washington, D.C. (PDF)

May 22

An Examination of Competitive Repurchase Agreements (PDF)

May 24

Proposed revision of foreign currency directive (PDF)

May 27

Pros and Cons of an RP Rate Independent of the Discount Rate (PDF)

June 3

Treasury views concerning "backstopping" of Federal Reserve swap arrangements (PDF)

June 6

System Subscriptions in Treasury Cash Refundings (PDF)

June 11

Current Issues in Monetary Policy (PDF)

June 12

Legal considerations regarding Federal Reserve participation in Treasury refunding operations (PDF)

July 2

Legality of Federal Reserve participation in proposed funding arrangements for sterling balances (PDF)

  • Proposal for U.S. Participation in Sterling Balances Credit Package

July 10

Legality of plan for lending of Government securities by Federal Reserve Banks (PDF)

July 12

System Subscriptions in Treasury Cash Refundings (PDF)

July 24

Treasury backstop facilities for Federal Reserve swap arrangements (PDF)

August 7

System Lending of U.S. Government Securities (PDF)

  • Draft of Letter From Mr. Hayes to the President of Each Federal Reserve Bank in Connection with Lending Securities from the System Open Market Account
  • Draft of Contract for Overnight Lending of Securities
  • Draft of Contract for Lending of Securities for More Than One Day

September 4

System Lending of U.S. Government Securities (PDF)

September 24

The FOMC Current Economic Policy Directive Revisited (PDF)

October 18

FOMC meeting dates in 1969 (PDF)

October 22

FOMC meeting dates in 1969 (PDF)

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