April 17, 2015

Federal Reserve Board releases additional information on operating structure of Large Institution Supervision Coordinating Committee (LISCC) supervisory program

For release at 3:00 p.m. EDT

The Federal Reserve Board on Friday released additional information on the operating structure of the Large Institution Supervision Coordinating Committee (LISCC) supervisory program. The attached memorandum supplements previously released information regarding the LISCC and provides additional details on the program's organizational structure, including the functions of its subcommittees.

The LISCC program was established in 2010 to oversee and supervise the largest, most systemically important financial institutions. The program uses a centralized process that incorporates a broad range of internal Federal Reserve System perspectives and expertise and facilitates consistent supervision among the firms. The LISCC is comprised of senior officers at the Board and Reserve Banks, and includes bank supervisors, market analysts, research economists, and payment system experts.  The program evaluates both the safety and soundness of individual large financial institutions and the risks posed by those institutions to the broader financial system.

SR Letter 15-7

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Last Update: April 17, 2015