June 28, 2016

Federal Open Market Committee announces its tentative meeting schedule for 2017

For release at 2:00 p.m. EDT

The Federal Open Market Committee on Tuesday announced its tentative meeting schedule for 2017:

January 31-February 1 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

March 14-15 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

May 2-3 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

June 13-14 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

July 25-26 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

September 19-20 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

October 31-November 1 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

December 12-13 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

January 30-31, 2018 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

The Chair's quarterly news conferences will take place following the March, June, September, and December meetings.

For media inquiries, call 202-452-2955.

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