September 17, 2007

Board announces website redesign

For immediate release

The Federal Reserve Board’s website has a new look and additional features designed to improve usability.  Intuitive navigational tools, new fonts, and updated graphics and layouts will help users access information more quickly and easily.

The color scheme for the website ( has been enhanced and more graphics have been added.  A new layout makes the site’s content simpler to find.

Visitors to the site will find the list of main categories has moved to the top of the home page, which allowed for the addition of a sub-navigation bar on subsequent pages.  The “Breaking News” section has been renamed “Recent Developments,” to more accurately describe the information listed there; and the “Features” section has been expanded.  To improve functionality, links to statistical releases, financial education resources, and career opportunities are now displayed more prominently on the page.

Secondary pages also have a new look.  The banners that appear at the top of these pages feature architectural details from the Board’s buildings, and links to content within each category have been relocated to aid navigation.  Feature sections on the secondary pages highlight new and frequently requested content.

In coming months, additional enhancements will be introduced to improve and simplify other pages on the site.  The Board's website averages more than 12 million page views each month.  The redesign is intended to ensure that the site remains effective and user-friendly.

Last Update: September 17, 2007