Effective December 31, 2017, the Board will no longer offer print versions or subscriptions for the Commercial Bank Examination Manual. You can still access the manual on the Board's website below.

The Commercial Bank Examination Manual presents examination objectives and procedures that Federal Reserve System examiners follow in evaluating the safety and soundness of state member banks. Intended as guidance for planning and conducting bank examinations.

Updated periodically

Entire manual (7.6 MB PDF)

Manual by Section

Manual Contact Information (93 KB PDF)

Supplements (186 KB PDF)

Foreword (37 KB PDF)

Table of Contents (26 KB PDF)

1000 Supervisory Process (962 KB PDF)

2000 Assets (2.8 MB PDF)

3000 Liabilities and Capital (484 KB PDF)

4000 Other Examination Areas (2.2 MB PDF)

5000 Assessment of the Bank (206 KB PDF)

6000 Bank Regulations (473 KB PDF)

7000 International (526 KB PDF)

8000 Statutes and Regulations Administered by the Federal Reserve (67.8 KB PDF)

A.1010.1 Internal Control: Supplement on Internal Auditing (58 KB PDF)

A.4150.1 Review of Regulatory Reports (36 KB PDF)

A.5020.1 Overall Conclusions Regarding Condition of the Bank: Uniform Financial Institutions Rating System (70 KB PDF)


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