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Actions taken during the week ending November 18, 2023

Bank Holding Companies

LINKBANCORP, Inc., Camp Hill, Pennsylvania -- (1) to acquire and merge with Partners Bancorp, Salisbury, Maryland, and thereby indirectly acquire The Bank of Delmarva, Seaford, Delaware, and Virginia Partners Bank, Fredericksburg, Virginia, and (2) to acquire voting shares in a nonbanking company held by Virginia Partners Bank and thereby engage in mortgage banking.
Approved: November 15, 2023

Reserve Bank Operations

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia -- appointment of Jeanne Rentezelas as first vice president and chief operating officer. *
Approved: November 2, 2023

Federal Reserve Priced Services -- 2024 private-sector adjustment factor and fee schedules for priced services and electronic access.
Approved: November 17, 2023

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Last Update: November 24, 2023