The requester is responsible for providing information needed to process a request for correction. Persons who provide a full statement of facts will help expedite the review process, and their requests will be reviewed faster than requests from those who provide few or no facts to support their requests.

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Requester's information

Subject: Request for correction of information under the Boards's information-quality guidelines

Please provide a description of the report, data set, or other document that contains the information you seek to have corrected, including (when applicable) the number or title of the document in question and the date of release.


Please provide a description of the specific information believed to be in error and a detailed explanation of how or why the information does not comply with Board or OMB guidelines, a detailed statement of the reason you believe the information is wrong, and a statement about how it should be corrected. Include specific reasons or examples.


Please provide a detailed explanation of how the disseminated information affects you (that is, what benefit or harm may come to you as a result of the information).

Last update: March 10, 2011