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Release Date: June 28, 2024

Notes for Industrial Production Source and Description Tables - Industry Groups PDF

Description of Columns

Groups and Series: Series marked with either an asterisk (*) or a dagger (†) are included in the published totals but are not published separately. Series marked with an asterisk are available upon request. Any aggregate IP indexes not listed in these tables are also available upon request. The following abbreviations are used: n.e.c .= not elsewhere classified; misc. = miscellaneous; pt. = part.


NAICS codes are from the North American Industry Classification System, 2017 edition, published by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Individual and aggregate series have been compiled on a consistent NAICS basis back to 1972. Major aggregates and groupings were linked to their corresponding pre-1972 SIC-based counterparts.

Market codes are as follows:

  • Consumer goods (C)
    • Durable consumer goods (Cd)
      • Cda—Automotive products
      • Cdo—Other durable goods
    • Nondurable consumer goods (Cn)
      • Cnn—Non-energy
      • Cne—Energy

  • Equipment (E)
    • Business equipment (Eb)
      • Ebt—Transit equipment
      • Ebi—Information processing and related equipment
      • Ebn—Industrial and other equipment
    • Oil and gas well drilling and manufactured homes (Es)
    • Defense and space equipment (Ed)

  • Nonindustrial supplies (S)
    • Sc—Construction
    • Sb—Business

  • Materials (M)
    • Non-energy (Mn)
      • Mnd—Durable goods materials
      • Mnn—Nondurable goods materials
    • Energy materials (Me)
      • Mep—Primary energy
      • Mec—Converted fuel materials

Value added: Values and proportions are compiled from information contained in the Census of Manufactures, Annual Survey of Manufactures, and Census of Mineral Industries and in reports from the Department of Energy, the Edison Electric Institute, and the American Gas Association. The figures may not add to totals because of rounding.

Type of series: The following codes appear:

  • Prod: Monthly product data, unless otherwise noted.
  • Qprod: Quarterly product data, usually interpolated to the monthly frequency using a cubic spline.
  • Hrs: Production worker hours, data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Est: Series are estimated by the Federal Reserve until source data can be introduced at an annual revision.

Units, source for monthly series, and notes: The source and units for the underlying data for detailed indexes other than for those based on production worker hours. Starting dates are shown for indexes that begin in years other than 1972.

Coverage Information

The individual series that comprise the total index include those industries in mining, utilities, and manufacturing.

Manufacturing comprises those industries included in the North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS, definition of manufacturing plus the logging and newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishing industries that have traditionally been considered manufacturing. Durable manufacturing includes three-digit NAICS groups 321, 327, 331-337, and 339. Nondurable manufacturing includes three-digit NAICS groups 311-316 and 322-326. Other manufacturing includes NAICS 1133 and 5111.

Mining includes three-digit NAICS groups 211-213.

Utilities include electric utilities and natural gas distribution, NAICS 2211 and 2212.

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Last Update: June 28, 2024