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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Around The Board

Fine Arts Program

The Federal Reserve Board's Fine Arts Program was established in 1975 by former Chairman Arthur F. Burns in response to a White House directive encouraging federal partnership with the arts. In a 1971 letter from the White House, Richard Nixon wrote, "It is my urgent desire that the growing partnership between Government and the arts continue to be developed to the benefit of both and more particularly to the benefit of the people of America." Chairman Burns saw this as an opportunity to both enhance the working environment at the Board and to provide its visitors with a memorable visual experience. He created the Fine Arts Program to collect and care for artwork and to organize exhibitions for display in the historic Marriner S. Eccles building.

Robert Kushner - 'American Tapestry'
Robert Kushner - "American Tapestry," 2008, oil, acrylic, metallic leaf on canvas

As with all federal agencies, the Board may receive gifts of artwork on behalf of the American people. The Board is dependent on these donations, as well as the funds given by private citizens expressly for the purpose of acquiring artwork, to build its collection. In addition to the permanent collection, which includes drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures, there are pieces on long-term loan from museums and private collections. The artworks are on display in public areas and private meeting rooms throughout the Board's buildings in Washington, D.C.

Over its history, the Fine Arts Program has organized more than 150 special exhibitions. These exhibitions highlight individual artists, art movements, and thematic trends. Numerous museums, galleries, libraries, artists, private collectors, and central banks from around the world have generously loaned their collections for exhibition at the Board. Learn more about our exhibitions here.

The Federal Reserve Board presents a series of exhibitions annually, which are displayed in the Eccles building. Currently there are no special exhibitions on view.

Last update: November 15, 2016