FR 1583
Notice of Proposed Declaration of Dividend


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This report is used to collect information on all dividends declared by a subsidiary savings association of a savings and loan holding company (SLHC).

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Savings association subsidiaries of SLHCs must provide prior notice of a dividend by filing form FR 1583 with the appropriate Reserve Bank. The FR 1583 requires information regarding the date of the filing and the nature and amount of the proposed dividend, as well as the names and signatures of the executive officer and secretary of the savings association that is providing the notice. The FR 1583 notice may include a schedule proposing dividends over a period specified by the notificant, not to exceed 12 months.


Section 10(f) of the Home Owners' Loan Act (HOLA) (12 U.S.C. 1467a(f)) and section 238.103 of the Board's Regulation LL - Savings and Loan Holding Companies (12 CFR 238.103) provide that every savings association that is a subsidiary of an SLHC is required to file a notice with the Board at least 30 days before the proposed declaration of a dividend by its board of directors. The notice requirement helps the Board determine whether a proposed dividend raises safety or soundness concerns, would result in the savings association being undercapitalized, or would be inconsistent with any statute, regulation, enforcement action, or regulatory agreement, formal or informal.

Respondent Panel:

The FR 1583 panel comprises savings association subsidiaries of SLHCs.


The information required by the FR 1583 collection is event-generated (before a proposed declaration of a dividend by a savings association subsidiary of an SLHC).

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Last Update: September 29, 2022