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Passenger Auto Contract Collection Trends


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This report collects monthly information from lenders affiliated with automobile manufacturers on the performance of vehicle loans, including delinquency rates, refinancings, and repossessions.

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The data are used to analyze current household financial conditions and the implications of these conditions for households. These data also provide an early insight into possible consumer payment problems compared with indicators of household credit quality.


The Federal Reserve has been the primary producer of aggregate statistics related to consumer credit since 1942. This role stems from the Federal Reserve's responsibility for monetary policy, its particular responsibilities and data requirements for regulating consumer credit on occasion, and its well-developed channels of communication with major creditor groups. Since the 1940s, the Federal Reserve has maintained a program for the direct collection of consumer credit data from commercial banks and finance companies.

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The panel consists of lenders affiliated with the major automobile manufacturers and is identical to that of the monthly report on Automobile Finance Terms (FR 2005).


Monthly, activity during the month or as-of last business day of month.

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