FR 2046
Selected Balance Sheet Items for Discount Window Borrowers


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The Federal Reserve collects balance sheet data from discount window borrowers on the FR 2046 to monitor discount window borrowing. Borrowers report six data items: total securities, federal funds sold and resale agreements, total loans (gross), total assets, total deposits, and federal funds purchased and repurchase agreements.

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The information from borrowers is used to ensure that discount window credit is being used appropriately as required by the Federal Reserve's Regulation A, "Extensions of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks."


Before implementation of the FR 2046 in August 1998, each Reserve Bank determined the information to be collected from its discount window borrowers and the length of time over which the information was collected. The FR 2046 report standardized the information requested and eliminated disparities among Reserve Banks.

Respondent Panel:

The respondent panel consists of institutions borrowing from the discount window. Any depository institution that maintains reservable deposits is eligible to borrow at the discount window, including domestic insured commercial banks, insured savings banks, savings and loan associations, insured credit unions, U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks, and others. In any given week, only a relatively small number of depositories borrow from the discount window.


The FR 2046 collects daily (business day) data or Wednesday-only data. The data typically are collected after the fact in one-week increments. For seasonal credit borrowers, the report covers Wednesday-only data and is filed weekly for any two-week period ending on the Wednesday in which borrowing was outstanding on one or more days. For primary and secondary credit borrowers, each weekly report covers five days of data (business days) for the week ending on Wednesday and is filed as requested by the Federal Reserve Bank.

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Last Update: March 10, 2023