FR 2248
Domestic Finance Company Report of Consolidated Assets and Liabilities


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This report collects balance sheet and, where appropriate, off-balance-sheet data on major categories of consumer and business credit receivables and on major short-term liabilities held or securitized by finance companies. For quarter-end months (March, June, September, and December) additional asset and liability items are collected to provide a full balance sheet.

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The data are used to estimate the finance company component of the consumer credit statistics and the flow of funds accounts. At the end of 2009, finance companies represented the second largest provider of consumer credit, owning 20 percent of all consumer credit and managing an additional 5 percent of consumer credit in the form of securitized pools. Finance companies also provide a significant share of short- and medium-term credit to businesses. Business investment, both for fixed capital and inventory, is one of the more cyclically sensitive components of GDP. Because of the significant effect monetary policy can have on business investment, in part via the availability of credit, monitoring the sources of funding to businesses is important for the conduct of monetary policy. Currently, there is no other information collection for domestic finance companies in place that supplies the monthly data obtained on the FR 2248.


The FR 2248 replaces a consumer credit report initiated in the 1940s that collected data on consumer lending, sales, and business finance lending. The monthly FR 2248 and the FR 2248A quarterly supplement reports were initiated in 1983. In January 1988, the reports were combined but retained the monthly and quarterly reporting of items. In February 1989, five items were added to capture the increased activity in securitizing financing receivables. In 2002, the survey was modified to breakdown real estate loans for one- to four-family structures and add a special addendum section, which may be used if the need arises for timely information on questions of immediate concern to the Board. In 2005 the scope of the survey was broadened to include mortgage companies - that is, companies in which the majority of assets are liens on real estate. In 2008, the reporting form was revised to split All other assets and accounts and notes receivable, into three separate data items. In 2010, the FR 2248 was revised in order to be consistent with typical balance sheet presentations and align with the survey used to benchmark these data-the FR 3033s. In 2014, the panel size was increased to 150 finance companies and Other Consumer Loans was separated into three data items, while two more data items were combined.

Respondent Panel:

The panel consists of a stratified sample of up to 150 domestic finance companies selected from respondents to the quinquennial Finance Company Questionnaire (FR 3033p/s). Participation is voluntary.


Monthly, as of close of business the last calendar day of the month.

Public Release:

Aggregate data are published in the monthly Consumer Credit (G.19) and Finance Companies (G.20) statistical releases, in the quarterly Financial Accounts of the United States (Z.1) statistical release (, and in the Federal Reserve Bulletin (Tables 1.51, 1.52, and 1.55).


Last Update: March 29, 2024