FR 2835
Quarterly Report of Interest Rates on Selected Direct Consumer Installment Loans


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This report collects interest rate information on consumer installment loans for new automobiles and on loans for other consumer goods and personal expenditures.

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The data are included in the commercial bank component of the aggregate consumer installment credit series and the domestic nonfinancial debt aggregate, and are used to construct the flow of funds accounts.


This report originated as the Interest Rates Charged on Selected Types of Loans (FR 2835) report in 1972 in response to a request by the President's Committee on Interest and Dividends for information about the rates charged on various types of loans. In 1975, the report was split into two reports: Interest Rates Charged on Selected Types of Loans (FR 835a) and Interest Rates Charged on Selected Consumer Installment Loans (FR 835b). In 1977, the FR 835a was replaced by the Survey of Terms of Bank Lending (FR 2028A/B/A-s), and in 1978, the FR 2835b was replaced by the more streamlined FR 2835, which had a smaller panel, longer report frequency, and fewer items. In 1994, the item for credit card plans was removed and a new report for credit card plans was created: the Quarterly Report of Credit Card Interest Rates (FR 2835a). In 1997, loans and securitized loans to purchase private passenger automobiles were redefined to include loans to purchase light trucks for personal use. In 2006, a new data item, New automobiles (60-month), was added to the FR 2835 reporting form. The data item collects the most common interest rate on 60-month loans for new vehicles. In 2015, the FR 2835 was revised to add a new data item, New automobile (72-month) automobile loans. The data item collects the most common rate on 72-month loans for new automobiles.

Respondent Panel:

The panel consists of a sample of 150 member banks (all large member banks and a random sample of smaller banks). Participation is voluntary.


Quarterly, as of Saturday ending the first full week in February, May, August, and November.

Public Release:

Aggregate data on most common rates are published in the monthly Consumer Credit (G.19) statistical release (htt p:// and in the Federal Reserve Bulletin (table 1.56). Individual bank data are available to the public at a cost by submitting a Freedom of Information Act request or by contacting the Board's Information Disclosure Section.


Last Update: June 14, 2023