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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Supervisory Policy and Guidance Topics

Supervisory and Confidential Information (Treatment and Communication)

The Federal Reserve's rules regarding the availability of information are found in 12 C.F.R. Part 261. These rules set forth the categories of information made available to the public, the procedures for obtaining documents and records, the procedures for limited release of exempt and confidential supervisory information, and the procedures for protecting confidential business information.
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Policy Letters

Supervisory and Confidential Information (Treatment and Communication)

SR 13-13 / CA 13-10
Supervisory Considerations for the Communication of Supervisory Findings
SR 07-19
Confidentiality Provisions in Third-Party Agreements
SR 06-14 (Revised)
Revised Policy Governing Access to Confidential Supervisory Information
SR 05-4
Interagency Advisory on the Confidentiality of Nonpublic Supervisory Information
SR 01-25 (GEN)
Guidelines for Using External Experts on Examinations, Inspections, and Other Bank Supervision Matters
SR 01-15 (SUP)
Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information
SR 97-17 (SUP)
Access to Books and Records of Financial Institutions During Examinations and Inspections
SR 96-33 (SUP)
State/Federal Protocol and Nationwide Supervisory Agreement
SR 92-28
Interagency Guidance on Coordination and Communication Between External Auditors and Examiners
SR 92-21
Interagency Agreement Relating to the Coordination of Major Criminal, Civil and Administrative Cases
SR 90-33
Information Sharing with the Federal Home Loan Banks

Manual References

  • Bank Holding Company Supervision Manual
    • Section 1050.2.4.1, "Coordination and Information Sharing Among Domestic Primary Bank Supervisors and Functional Regulators"
    • Section 2124.04.3, "Communication and Coordination Among Supervisors to Develop and Administer a Supervisory Plan"
    • Section 4070.5, "Nondisclosure of Supervisory Ratings"
  • Commercial Bank Examination Manual
    • Section 5020.1, "Overall Conclusions Regarding Condition of the Bank"
    • Section A.5020.1, "Overall Conclusions Regarding Condition of the Bank: Uniform Financial Institutions Rating System"
    • Section 6000.1, "Commercial Bank Report of Examination" (See the subsection: Communication of Examination Findings)
Last update: November 12, 2014