IFDP 1974-55
International Souces of Domestic Inflation

Richard Berner, Peter Clark, Jared Enzler, and Barbara Lowrey

IFDP 1974-54
Profitable Speculation, Price Stability, and Welfare

Stephen W. Salant

IFDP 1974-51
The Energy Content of U.S. Exports and Imports

Norman S. Fieleke

IFDP 1974-50
Empirical Research on Financial Capital Flows

Ralph C. Bryant

IFDP 1974-42
The Effect of Changes in Economic Acitivity on U.S. Trade Flows

Helen B. Junz and Barbara R. Lowrey

IFDP 1974-41
Direct Investment and Trade: An Analysis of the Export Displacement Effect

Michael Adler and Guy V. G. Stevens

IFDP 1974-40
A Model of Arbitrage and Short-Term Capital Flows

Michael P. Dooley

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