IFDP 1975-72
Gains From Trade Under Uncertainty, Once Again

S. W. Salant and L. Kotlikoff

IFDP 1975-71
The Asian Dollar Market

Robert F. Emery

IFDP 1975-70
Estimation of a Dynamic Demand Function for Gasoline with Different Schemes of Parameter Variation

J. S. Mehta, G.V.L. Narasimham, and P.A.V.B. Swamy

IFDP 1975-69
Foreign Exchange Operations of U.S. Banks

Robert C. Bradshaw

IFDP 1975-68
Monetary Correction and Interest Rates

Yves Maroni and David H. Howard

IFDP 1975-62
The Allocation of "Oil Deficits"

Robert Solomon

IFDP 1975-61
Theory and Estimation of the Demand for Imports of Consumer Goods

P. Isard, B. Lowrey, and P.A.V.B. Swamy

IFDP 1975-59
Simultaneous Determination of the U.S. Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates - An Exploratory Report

Richard Berner, Peter Clark, Howard Howe, Sung Kwack, and Guy Stevens

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